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  1. A warning bell rings 5 minutes before the commencement of the class at 9.20 a.m to alert the students to be present inside the class and the second bell at 9.30 a.m. / 1.00 p.m. for the commencement of class. Students should rise for a one-minute prayer at 9.25 a.m. A long bell rings at the end of the session at 12.20 p.m / 3.35 p.m.
  2. Students should be present in their respective class rooms before the second bell rings.
  1. Attendance will be taken at the commencement of the hour. A student who is not present in the class when attendance is taken will be marked absent.
  2. Coming late to the classes will not be entertained and students will be marked absent for the corresponding classes for which they are late. If the reason is not valid, regular late comers will be punished relentlessly.
  1. Students are informed to submit the leave letter duly signed by parents / guardians / warden to the class tutor before going on leave.
  2. In case of an emergency the students are instructed to inform the leave to the class tutor over phone and when they come back to college they must produce the leave letter before 9.15 a.m. The Leave letter must be appropriately signed by the parents.
  3. When a student takes leave for more than three days, it is informed that the student will be allowed to attend the class if he/she comes along with parents / local guardian to the college.
  4. Student applying for long leave on grounds of illness should submit the medical evidence issued by a qualified medical practitioner along with his/her leave application form. The student should inform the Head of the Department/Class Tutor on the day of their admission to the hospital. In case of emergency, the medical evidence must reach the college office within 5 days of the student’s arrival to the classes. Medical evidence submitted later will not be accepted.
  5. Students should not take leave during examination. In case of an emergency they should inform Head of the Department /Class Tutor over phone. If the leave is not convincing and it is unacceptable, the HoD will inflict severe action on the student and they have to bring their parent for appropriate justification.
  6. Students officially participating in events outside the college and claiming attendance for those days should submit the leave application to the class tutor 3 days before the participation of the event, duly signed by the convener and the Principal.
  7. In case of continuous absence without leave for more than 10 working days will render a suitable liable to have his / her name struck off from the Rolls of the College.
  8. The students are eligible for attendance condonation to Bharathiar University only once during their course of study. If the students lack attendance for more than one semester, they are restricted to appear for the University examinations.
  1. As a mark of respect, every student shall greet the staff members on his/her first meeting on the day. When a lecturer enters the class all students should rise and remain standing until they are instructed to take their seats. They should maintain proper decorum inside the classroom and the campus.
  2. It is mandatory for students to come to the college with an identity card. In case of loss of an identity card, the students are advised to get a duplicate card immediately from the office after paying a fine of Rs.50/-
  3. Students attending special classes, meetings or other gatherings inside the college premises are expected to be dressed in a decent manner in accordance with the approved discipline. The College expects every student to keep in mind the basic paradigms of modesty and politeness in regard to the dress. The students should take the responsibility of monitoring the dress code. After proper consultation with the student body, the management after prior consultation with the staff has arrived at the subsequent decisions. Formal dress code during weekdays from Monday to Friday is tucked in half sleeve shirts, Formal pants for boys and Salwar Kameez/Churidhar for Girls. Students should stringently embrace to the rules pertaining to dress code given in the College handbook.
  4. Students should not to dawdle about in the corridors or play games during class hours. Wandering, whistling, creation of pandemonium and other such activities that cause nuisance in the college premises are strictly prohibited. Strict silence must be maintained while moving from classroom to laboratory and hence forth.
  5. Students smoking inside the campus or coming to the College under the influence of alcohol will not be tolerated under any circumstances. They are liable for disciplinary action if found guilty or found under the influence of spirits or drugs.
  6. Every student is advised to carry his/her Tag & Identity Card to the College. The card should be revealed to any member of the staff or to the college officials if the condition arises. Students are requested to park their two wheelers in the parking area where the space is allotted to them.
  7. No student are expected to stay in campus after class hours, unless there is a function/ Programme / rehearsal games practice etc., prior information is necessary to stay back after college hours. Unknown persons are not encouraged to come to the College to meet students.
  8. Students are restricted to bring or use cellular phones in the college campus. If any staff member confiscates a cell phone, it will not be returned until the completion of his/her course in the college. The cell phones along with SIM card will be confiscated.
  9. Students should promote the use of the Library. They are expected to spend their leisure time in the Library or in the reading room where they can refer to books.
  1. Students must refrain from active involvement in party or Communal politics.
  2. Ragging is a cognizable offence and those who indulge in it or encourage it will be handed over to the law as per the G.O rules and regulation. Criminal action will be initiated against student(s) found guilty of indulging in ragging inside and outside the College premises. In case, any criminal case is registered against a student by the law enforcing authorities, he/she should intimate the same within 24 hours to the Principal, failing which he/she is liable for disciplinary action leading to expulsion from the college.
  3. The Principal is privileged to have complete power to inflict the following punishment in the interest of the students or the institution: Fine, loss of attendance, loss of term certificate, suspension or expulsion.
  4. Students are strictly instructed not to indulge in any activity leading to the disruption of peace discipline and control or disruption of the regular functions or meetings.
  5. Students who are found guilty of (a) rude language towards the staff of the college (b) assaulting or attempting to assault fellow students or college employees or other staff of the college will attract any of the punishments mentioned in (F) Disciplinary regulations, Para 3 cited above.
  6. Allowing outsiders in the college premises and indulging in anti-social activities are considered as serious offences and are liable to be severely punished.


  1. Any student, past or present, wishing to obtain a Transfer / conduct / Bonafide Certificates must apply for it in writing stating his / her name with initials, the year and class in which he / she has studied or after which he / she left the college, his / her college Roll number and his / her address. Any Certificate will be issued only on 48 hours notice to the college office only.
  2. No Certificate will be posted unless a sufficiently stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed along with the application.


  1. The academic year is divided into two terms: The first term commences from the reopening of the college after the summer vacation and continues until the end of the October. The second term commences from the first week of December and continues till the end of the March.
  2. The term fees must be paid in a single installment except were otherwise specified the grounds of which may be considered later.
  3. Every student has to pay the whole fees for the year during any part of which his / her name is on the rolls and his / her attendance registered, except where otherwise specified.
  4. The prescribed amount of the first term fees must be paid by a new student before his / her name is on the rolls and his / her attendance registered, except where otherwise specified.
  5. All students have to pay the fees at the Bank counter located in the college campus. The bank will issue a receipt (Challan) for every subsequent payment made by their wards. Students must preserve these fees receipts carefully till the completion of the course.
  6. Students who do not pay the fees in the stipulated time given by the college should pay a fine of Rs.10 for each working day after the due dates. This rule will not be exempted when the student is absent or on leave.
  7. Names of students who have not paid the prescribed fees before the last day for payment of the fees with fine are liable to be struck off the rolls. Such students will be re-admitted only on payment of the entire amount of the fees due with the imposed fine. They will also lose attendance from the date on which their names are struck off the rolls till the date of their re-admission.
  8. Fees due to the college and / or hostels will not be suspended in anticipation of an award of scholarship from any source. Postponed payment of any fees or dues will necessarily attract a fine unless prior exemption has been obtained for it.


The Student Services Centre of the College offers the following services to students:

  1. The Student Services Centre will remain open from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all working days and from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on all Saturdays.
  2. It provides information regarding the opportunities for Higher Studies and employment in India and abroad.
  3. It makes itself credible by possessing Books, Journals and Audio Cassettes to help students prepare for competitive examinations, entrance examinations and interviews.
    • Career Guidance and Counseling services
    • Placement assistance services
    • Bus & Train Timings
    • Book Bank
  4. These services are provided with the help of computer, personnel, bulletins, hand-outs and press-cuttings. The Centre organizes the following courses for the benefit of students depending on sufficient number of students willing to join them.
    • Personality Development and Effective Communication
    • Foreign Language Classes
    • Spoken English/Hindi Classes
    • Computer Awareness and Basic Programming
    • General Aptitude
    • Leadership development
    • Civil Services Examinations


The College Library is housed in 3000 sq.ft and spacious computerized library provides a good ambience for exploring new areas of knowledge. It has over 12850 volumes, 56 periodicals and 1206 CDs, DVDs, e-learning material, etc. The members of the college community are exhorted to make the best use of library subject to the following rules:

  1. Perfect silence is supposed to be maintained in the Library.
  2. The U.G. Students will be issued 2 Books each and P.G.Students 3 Books each at a time. 6 Books will be issued for M.Phil. /Ph.D students
  3. All student members can borrow 3 books, for a period of 14 days.
  4. For late return, a fine of Rs 1 per day per book/journal from the due date will be levied on the student.
  5. Books will be issued only against the production of library tickets and the student identity card.
  6. The Library will be closed on Sundays and during the summer vacation.
  7. Students should make good any loss of or damage to the Library books, magazines or Library property
  8. Reference books, magazines, journals and dailies cannot be taken out of the Library and should not be removed from their places.
  9. The library remains open from 9.15 a.m. to 5.00 p.m on all working days, and 9.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m on all Saturdays.
  10. No member is allowed to pass on the Library books to any one in or outside the college. He/She can do so under pain of fine or of suspension of membership of the Library.
  11. Students must return all their Library books at the end of their course or at the time of leaving their College which ever happens earlier.
  12. Scribbling or underlining in a book or tampering the book in any manner is strictly prohibited.
  13. Research Scholars are invited to make use of the Research carrels available in the Library.
  14. Students can borrow and return books between 8.40 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on all working days.

The students who lose the books lent or return them damaged condition will have to pay the cost of the books. The lending of books will be subjected to the availability of copies and no student can borrow more than two books simultaneously. The prescribed application form must be filled in and submitted with the recommendation of the Head of the Department before the books are issued. A nominal deposit of Rs.20/- has to be paid into the College Office and the receipt attached to the application form.


Fundamental to enlarging human choices is building human capabilities: the range of things that people can do or be. The diversity of people on the campus at KGCAS provide for excellent cross experiences in culture and social values of the individual towards a more conditioned mutually inclusive social behavior attitude. Hostels for students reflect corporate elegance in design and functionality with separate infrastructure for men and women. The campus hostels are again an opportunity for cross integration of student leaning with corporate life where the student is able to share knowledge and learn from his mentors the nuances of workplace competencies. We have separate hostel for Men and Women namely, KGiSL – Boys Hostel & KGiSL – Girls Hostel. The following rules are applicable to all the inmates of the hostel:

  1. All the intimates of the hostel will be under the control of the management and the warden
  2. The inmates are responsible for keeping their room clean and tidy
  3. Visitors are not allowed to stay inside the hostel. Visitors will not be allowed to meet the inmates after 06.30 p.m
  4. The inmates should obtain permission and out pass from the warden for going out. They should sign in the register kept with the warden / security while leaving the hostel and while returning back
  5. The inmates are restricted from going to other's room unnecessarily
  6. Nailing or pasting pictures on the wall inside the rooms are not permitted
  7. The inmates are allowed to wash clothes and dry them only in the allotted place
  8. All inmates should co-operate by maintaining silence in the rooms and corridor and when necessary they should speak softly so that they will not disturb the other inmates
  9. The inmates should be certain that their personal belongings are neatly kept in the places allotted to them
  10. The inmates are accountable for their personal belonging including valuable things
  11. The inmates should switch off the fans, lights, etc., and close the water taps when not in use
  12. Unruly behavior, verbal duels, noisy discussions in the dining area and in the hostel premises are strictly prohibited
  13. Student inmates are not encouraged to stay outside the campus after 8.00 p.m
  14. Hostel gate will be closed at 8.00 p.m. every day. Students will not be allowed inside the hostel after the specified time
  15. Inmates will be allowed to go to the canteen in the night time only after obtaining permission of the warden
  16. Stern action will be taken on the inmates creating pandemonium at the corridors
  17. Inmates are restricted from catering birthday celebrations in hostel
  18. All the inmates are instructed to take food provided only by the management at the hostel premises
  19. Drinking and smoking inside the hostel campus is prohibited
  20. Audio system will apprehended by the management if inmates playing loud music
  21. Hostel meetings will be conducted periodically and all should attend the meeting and offer their valuable suggestion for better functioning of the hostel

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