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Research Policy

Research Policy

Policy for Promotion of Research

KG College of Arts and Science articulates the research policy to promote quality research that engenders a sound knowledge-based society which is the hallmark of learning in Higher Education. It is intended to direct, augment and invigorate a spirit of enquiry, scientific temperament, research aptitude, capacity-building in grooming researchers. These ideals are well envisioned supported and nurtured by the institution to develop research, enhance quality publications, mobilise funds and promote innovation leading to product development.


  • To create an enabling environment and promote the culture of research among the faculty members and students.
  • To create awareness and opportunities in R&D among the faculty members and students to undertake funded research projects.
  • To integrate departments to develop faculty research priorities in interdisciplinary research.
  • To financially support the faculty members in their research and publication through seed grants.
  • To have access and disseminate information in the contemporary research through Seminars/Conferences/workshop and training.
  • To ensure Quality, Integrity and Ethics in Research.
  • To explore avenues for collaborate with industries for research institutions.
  • To offer training for skill enhancement to incubate the innovative prototypes to product and later assists to patent either the process or the product.
  • To offer training for skill enhancement to incubate the innovative prototypes to product and later assists to patent either the process or the product.
  • Research Committee
  • Principal
  • Dean, Research
  • Director, Research & Development
  • Director IQAC
  • HoD of Respective Departments
  • Research guides.

The Code of Ethics in Research

This code of ethics in research is directed towards active dissemination of knowledge and ensures validity through rigorous discussion and responsible criticism. It binds ourselves to the strictest measure of integrity and ethical standards to be worthy of the public trust. The responsibilities and obligations of the researchers is to conduct research activities in accordance with the accepted standards of the code of conduct stated below.

  • Ensure the accuracy of all data collected / gathered and used for research.
  • Give citations clearly to all sources of information and data used in research to avoid to plagiarism.
  • Avoid statements/ declarations and vague assertions that could lead to wrong/misinterpretation.
  • Oblige to issue clarification or rectification if wrong/misinterpretation is notified.
  • Duly acknowledge sources of funding for research.
  • Respect the confidentiality of sources of data revealed in confidence.
  • Take diligent care of the equipment’s and materials used.
  • Utilize, share and hand over the material resources and equipment’s in accordance with the conditions set by the college.
  • Adhere to all safety practices in the research activities.
  • Ensure that the research activities do not result in environmental degradation.
  • Report on violation of any ethical code will be evaluated and acted upon on possible violations of code of research.
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