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Mini & Major Projects

To understand the theoretical concepts in practice, the students are asked to undertake mini projects during their II year of UG program and I year of PG program. The final year students undertake major projects in their specialization of study. This is followed across all the courses of study.

Instructions for MINI & MAJOR projects

The instruction regarding the format for the preparation of the Project report for mini and major projects is as follows:

Two hard bound Copy of the Project Report (Silver colour for English, Pink for B.B.A. / B.B.A. CA., Dark Green for B.Com., Black silver for B.Com. CA, Navy blue for B.Com. IT, Sky blue for B.Com. PA, Yellow for B.C.A., White color binding for B.Sc. CS, Sky blue for B.Sc. IT, Brown for B.Sc. CT, Silver white for M.Sc. CS and M.Sc. SS) should be submitted in the department after duly signed by the Guide, HOD and Principal.

  • Soft copy of report including the code on CD in a thick envelope pasted inside of the back cover of the project report. (for BCA, B.Sc. CS, B.Sc. IT, B.Sc. CT, M.Sc. SS, M.Sc. CS)
  • The Project Report may be about 75 pages (excluding coding).

The instruction regarding the format for the preparation of the Project report for mini and major projects is as follows:

Good quality white executive bond paper A4 size should be used for typing and duplication. Care should be taken to avoid smudging while duplicating the copies.

  • Page Specification: (Written paper and source code)
  • Left margin - 3.0 cms
  • Right margin - 2.0 cms
  • Top margin - 2.54cms
  • Bottom margin - 2.54 cms

Page numbers - All text pages as well as Program source code listing should be numbered at the bottom center of the pages.

Normal Body Text - Font Size: 12, Times New Roman, Double Spacing, Justified. 6 point above and below para spacing

Paragraph Heading Font Size - 14, Times New Roman, Underlined, Left Aligned. 12 point above & be low spacing

CHAPTER - Heading Font Size: 20, Times New Roman, Centre Aligned, 30 point above and below spacing

Coding Font size - 10, Courier New, Normal

Instruction for VIVA-VOCE

  • First of all, you must understand that you will not have more than 10 minutes for presenting the dissertation
  • Within this time, you must be able to make an impact on the examiners
  • Your presentation should be complete in terms of what your project is all about
  • For this purpose a little preparation is a must. Follow the instructions carefully and prepare a PPT with about 8-10 slides


  • Title of the study
  • Statement of the problem/li>
  • Prepare the following table


Power point presentations are very important – but not as important as your content. PPT helps you to recollect what you want to say – don’t over depend on it. Suppose there is no availability of LCD (due to some unforeseen reason), do not panic – keep the chart with you and go ahead with the presentation orally.

The slide-by-slide content for the presentation would be as under: (Please note that this is only a guideline – if required, adequate changes may be done)

Slide No. Content
1 Opening Slide : Title of the Project, Your name and Register number; Name of the college
2 Guides: Internal and External
3 Statement of the problem
4 Objectives of the study
5 Research Design
6 Scope and Limitations of the study
7 Summary of Findings ( As per the chart)
8 Summary of Findings – continued
9 Conclusion
10 Suggestions ( As per chart)

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