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Spacious, fully- furnished class rooms with neat desks and benches, light and fan facilities are being maintained in a proper manner, providing a clean and healthy environment conducive to study.


The College provides world- class lab facilities for each department in a 6000 sq.ft area. Computing facilities for the students include 7 fully air conditioned well equipped computer laboratories with about 650 computers connected to the centralized servers. Every workplace on the campus has Wi-Fi connectivity with separate login IDs. The computing resources include advanced servers and powerful workstations. 8 Mbps Leased line Internet connection offers unlimited access to the Internet for the students and staff round the clock, for their educational and research needs. The students are motivated to employ their minds in research work for their advancement.

S.No. Name of the Laboratory No. of Computers
1 Computer Science Lab 115
2 PG Lab 40
3 Commerce Lab 60
4 CT/IT Lab 60
5 BCA Lab 110
6 New Lab 110


"Knowledge is power and the library is the powerhouse". Books are the best teachers and counselors. To synchronize theory and practice, the journals, magazines and newspapers are very helpful. A Library is a collection of information, resources and services, organized for use, and maintained by a responsible body. Libraries inform the public of what materials are available in their collections and how to access that information. A modern Library provides educational resources to students and teachers through publications and other electronic media. The library is spanned in a 3000 sq ft building with air-conditioning facility and it can accommodate 350 students for reading.

The library is computerized and is well equipped with more than 7000 volumes of books in various disciplines, 55 magazines and periodicals. The college has invested more than Rs 35 lakhs for the library in the last 4 years for the purchase of the books. The college spends a minimum of Rs 5 lakhs each year on the books and Rs 2 lakhs for subscribing the journals and periodicals.


Hostels for students reflect corporate fitness in design and functionality, with separate infrastructure for men and women. The campus hostels are again an opportunity for cross integration of student learning with corporate life where the student is able to share knowledge and learn from his mentors the workplace competencies. We have separate hostels for men and women viz. KGiSL-Boys Hostel & KGiSL-Girls Hostel. The following Rules are applicable to all the inmates of the hostel:

  • All the inmates of the hostel will be under the control of Hostel and warden
  • The inmates are responsible for keeping their room clean and tidy
  • Visitors are not allowed to stay inside the Hostel
  • Visitors are not allowed to meet inmates after 6.30pm
  • The inmates should obtain permission and an out pass from the warden for going out.
  • Severe action will be taken on the inmates creating noise at the corridors
  • Drinking and smoking inside the hostel is prohibited
  • Hostel gate will be closed at 8.00pm everyday
  • Inmates are not allowed to celebrate birthday at the Hostel
  • Hostel meeting will be conducted periodically and all should attend the meeting and offer their valuable suggestion for better functioning of the hostel


A fleet of 20 college buses are being operated for the convenience of students coming from different places. Subsidized fare is charged as a welfare measure for the students.


Bank with ATM

Canara Bank and State Bank have been operating with 24-hour ATM facilities inside the college campus. All the students and staff members are utilizing these facilities. Hence, money transactions such as transfer, withdrawal and saving are carried out with ease. Hostel students are able to use the bank at any time. Parents can transfer money to their children's account. Students can also avail bank loan facilities for their studies.

Medical Facilities

K.G.Hospital, Coimbatore has an extension centre in our campus, which serves the students and faculties. The hostel students also utilize the services rendered by the hospital at any time.


The Canteen is situated inside the college campus. Cool drinks, ice creams, pastry, lunch and hot snacks are available there at reasonable rates in a clean and pleasant ambience. Students, staff members and parents are benefited by this service.

General Store

A General Store is functioning inside the college campus. All the students can utilize it for their needs. It provides many kinds of stationery items, cosmetics, snacks, etc.,

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