KGiSL Trust certified as Great Place to Work


KGiSL Trust (KGiSL IIM, KGCAS, KITE and KGM) proudly clinches its second consecutive “Great Place to Work” recognition, underscoring our exceptional work culture. We have been recognized as one of India’s best workplaces in the mid-size organization category (organizations with 100 to 999 employees) for the period January 2024 to January 2025. Our workplace, with more than 600 employees continues to stand as a shining example of our core values of innovation, diversity and inclusivity.


Over the past year, we have initiated and continued a number of initiatives to ensure our employees’ well-being and to realize their full potential. Some of these initiatives:

  • Our LEAP initiative for uncovering and nurturing leadership traits and dismantling inter-departmental silos. 
  • With our female employees accounting for half the total workforce strength, we continue to stay true to our values of inclusivity. Moreover, our female employees have been given positions of responsibility and are proving to be great leaders. 
  • We have started a number of initiatives for our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing too, such as the brand new fitness club and periodic mental awareness programs. 
  • During the 2023 Kindathon, a charity drive for the underprivileged, our employees donated everything from everyday essentials like groceries and clothes to life-saving blood and tech aid. 


We are excited to be recognized for our employee-centric policies and culture for two years in a row. Going forward, we aspire to redefine the very idea of workplace excellence. We are reimagining organizational hierarchy as a structure that complements our ideals of innovation and experiential education- in short, a flatarchy. Here’s to a year of setting new standards for workplaces in India.