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Department of Visual Communication

Department of Visual Communication

VISCOM KGCAS, inspired by life itself, is driven to offer a real-world educational experience by employing creative and technical tools at all levels. Get ready for an intensive, hands-on, production experience in the areas of Art, Design, Photography, Film Production, Television Program Production, Animation, Sound production, and much more.

  • Ad Film Maker
  • Film Director
  • Digital Cinematographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photo Journalist
  • Creative Content Writer
  • Script Writer
  • 3D Animator
  • VFX Director
  • Program Producer
  • UI & UX Designer
  • Film Editor
  • Game Designer

With professional and job-oriented Animation courses offered in association with MAAC, VISCOM KGCAS opens up a world of opportunities to gain expertise in 3D Animation, AR & VR, Gaming and other multimedia domains, serving as a gateway to the animation industry.

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