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Department of Master Commerce

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Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The M.Com program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation

  • PEO1 – To assume jobs of executive cadre in corporate.
  • PEO2 – To offer investment /finance/tax consultancy and business analytics.
  • PEO3 –To manage firms offering financial services.
  • PEO4 – To pursue research in commerce /Management.
  • PEO5 – To exercise professional skills and values.

Program-Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of the M. Com program, the students are expected to,

  • PSO1 – Undertake research work with specializations.
  • PSO2 – Uses software tools to carry out a specified financial analysis of a business application.
  • PSO3 – Apply the knowledge gained while the program to solve real-time problems.
  • PSO4 – Meet the needs of Industry 4.0.
  • PSO5 – To assess their communicative competency

Program Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the M. Com program

  • PSO1 – To ensure all round development of personality required for an executive.
  • PSO2 – To build necessary skills concerning commercial theories and applications to business by using business analytics.
  • PSO3 – To obtain practical knowledge in commercial activities by understanding training in commercial and industrial establishments.
  • PSO4 – To develop a broad range of business skills and commercial knowledge, development of general and specific capabilities to meet the current and future expectations of business and industry.
  • PSO5 – To enrich the necessary competencies and creativity to undertake entrepreneurship as a desirable and feasible career option.