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Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B.A.English Literature program will enable the students to

  • PEO1 – To prove competency in the domain knowledge/area and language proficiency
  • PEO2 – Analyse the societal needs and issues through the literary perspective and to Practice life long learning for enhancing the ethical values of the society
  • PEO3 – To develop efficiency in LSRW skills and present themselves as efficient language trainers
  • PEO4 – To produce noble research works
  • PEO5 – Improve their understanding about various socio – cultural aspects and find employment in media, freelance writing, content writing and teaching.
  • PEO6 – Improve the possibilities of their employment in various sectors
  • PEO7 – Understand the requirements of the industry and Prepare themselves to face the challenges of competitive environment

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of B.A. English Literature program, the students are expected

  • PSO1 – To demonstrate their competency in the domain area
  • PSO2 – To analysis the literary texts, with a critical insight
  • PSO3 – To impart the critical evaluation on the literary texts
  • PSO4 – To present the learned ideas
  • PSO5 – To assess their communicative competency
  • PSO6 – To understand the role of a literature student in shaping the course of the society
  • PSO7 – To analyse the impact of literature on the society
  • PSO8 – To comprehend the ethical quality of a literary text
  • PSO9 – To acquire the ability in understanding the life long learning
  • PSO10 – To produce effective projects

Programme Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the B.A.English Literature programme, students will be able to

  • PO1 – Prove their knowledge and skills in Language and Literature.
  • PO2 – Prove his proficiency in Listening Speaking Reading Writing.
  • PO3 – Analyse a literary text of any genre like poetry, drama, prose, short story and fiction.
  • PO4 – Apply the knowledge of literary the ories in analyzing the literary text.
  • PO5 – Write simple poems,short stories and essays.
  • PO6 – Work as a leader and work in a team effectively in the fields related to Language and Literature.
  • PO7 – Understand the need for life long learning and hone the required skills related to the industry.
  • PO8 – Analyse the impact of literature on society and work for the betterment of the society.
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