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Department of Commerce

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Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B.COM program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain withinfiveto seven years aftergraduation

  • PEO1 – Students will able to understand the concepts of commerce.
  • PEO2 – Programme aims to develop comprehensive professional skills which are required for commerce graduates.
  • PEO3 – Students will develop an understanding of various commerce functions such as finance, accounting, financial analysis,project evaluation, and cost accounting
  • PEO4 – Students will be able to prove the proficiency with the ability to engage exams like C.A, C.S and CMA
  • PEO5 – Students can do commerce oriented research and consequence of this,they can be come Professors in Colleges and Universities

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of B.COM program, the students are expected to

  • PSO1 – To provide strong base on the course relevant to the area of commerce which helps to choose their career
  • PSO2 – To enhance knowledge and skills among students which built confident to identify their career opportunities in multiple dimensions.
  • PSO3 – Nurture the students in intellectual, personal, interpersonal and social skills with afocus on relevant professional career particularly, to maximize professional growth.
  • PSO4 – Empower the students with necessary competencies and decision making skills to foster the innovative thinking to become an entrepreneur
  • PSO5 – Strengthen the students to become expert in the field of communication with ethical consciousness.

Program Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the B.COM program

  • PO1 – Build the wide range of knowledge in the areas of accounting concepts and techniques to meet the current and future requirement of the industry.
  • PO2 – Develop the strong knowledge in the areas such as finance, taxation and laws relating to commerce helps to relate the conceptual and analytical skills in the field of auditing, finance etc.
  • PO3 – In culcate the students to nurture their skills in personal, interpersonal, intellectual and others skills to develop their professional careerand growth.
  • PO4 – Disseminate students to develop decision making and problem solving skills to undertake their own ventureas a feasible career option.
  • PO5 – Orient and motive the students to develop the needed knowledge in business and academics to develop their employability
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